Stellar Invictus has shut down

It is with a heart of lead that I write this announcement. I cannot maintain Stellar Invictus any longer and pay for the servers.

I had a lots of fun creating a sandbox mmo-like experience everyone was able to enjoy in their browser. But due to a lot of backlashes that occured during the creation of this game (especially in the last few months), I am officialy no longer able to maintain this project.

It started with blackouts during my heavy working days and ended with a codebase I am no longer able to maintain. While still doing performance improvements and DevOps behind the scenes to keep the servers running I received a lot of hate- and even threatening mails from the Stellar Invictus community asking me why I'm "doing absolutely nothing". On some days it even kept me awake during the nights knowing I wasn't able to expand the game and thus getting more and more hate from some members for it, even though I never expected money from anyone. Besides that, the money I made from donations in the last months always was less than it cost me to keep the servers running.

Due to these circumstances, I decided it would be best to shut down Stellar Invictus. I hope everyone of you can live with this decision, knowing it is the probably the best for everyone involved. I thank each and everyone of you (especially the donators and a lot of people I got to know through my game) for the experience and journey! See you around. - Tim Lange

Source Code is still available here.